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Here at The Little Greenhouse, we aren't just a plant shop. We offer indoor plant-scaping for those that need some help figuring out where to put plants in their home or business, as well as variety of classes such as planting classes and macrame classes. Looking to host a girls night? Need a team building exercise? How about a small business collaboration? We can help!  What started out as a small take a plant, leave a plant in my front yard has flourished into this amazing business and community of planty people!

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Let me start off by saying, my name is Ariana Yingling and I am the founder of The Little Greenhouse. I have always had a love for plants. So much so that my personal collection has grown to over 100 different types, my kids always joke that we live in a jungle. Anyways, fast forward to 2022 when I was scrolling Facebook marketplace and saw an advertisement for old farmhouse windows. It was a great price so I made the split decision to buy them and figure out what I would do with them later on. Eventually it hit me. Why not make a take a book leave a book, but with plants?! So I got to work. It took a lot of trial and error but I'm proud to say that I built it with my own two hands. With the help of my oldest son I was able to set it up at the end of my driveway. In order to spread some joy to the community, I needed to generate more attention, so I made a Facebook group for The Little Greenhouse and posted it on local community Facebook pages. My very first visitor loved it so much that she posted about it on another well known local Facebook group and it just blew up overnight. We had a couple months of helping the community grow, pun intended, however, when winter came around I had to put a pause on plants in The Little Greenhouse. It was just too cold for them to be outside. So in order to keep my new found community of plant lovers interested, I started to do monthly events. My first ever class was a macrame class paired with a cupcake, that sold out! Shortly after, the decision to continue classes as well as expand and start selling plants and planty things came about. Of course, you can still find The OG Little Greenhouse during plant friendly months so you may swap cuttings and plants, but you may now find plants and merch in several local shops as well as online to purchase year round!


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